Locker Room is an area on Facility 1F that is featured in Dino Crisis.


The room is mostly scattered with papers and boxes. Various posters are placed on the wall. There is a table that was placed in the middle, with few papers on it.


The DDK Code Disc H can be found inside this room. Player can read the "Journal of the guardsmen" that can be found on the table. There is also a An. Dart M placed against the locker.

If player had not kill the Velociraptor in the management office hall, it will chase Regina into this room, but just in case you try to pick up the An. Dart M.


Location Localization Original Script
The journal "Journal of the guardsmen." A page is dated today. Will you read it? Yes/No 
Locker Nothing useful.
An. Dart M Will you take the An. Dart M? Yes / No
Papers on table Documents on security.
Materials Some of the researchers' belongings...
Poster #1 An old poster of a glamorous lady. She appears to be smiling.
Poster #2 An old poster.