Lockdowns are triggered by M.T.H.R., who attempts to kill Patrick Tyler with wave after wave of dinosaurs.

The Hazardous Materials entrance in the Deck Sector goes into lockdown and M.T.H.R. releases Algol to stop Patrick from exploring the ship further.

After a formation-change unites the two halves of the Hangar Deck together, M.T.H.R. locksdown the room and releases more Algol to stop Patrick, this time to stop him from reaching the Bridge after acquiring the level 1 keycard.

The Storage Sector goes into a lockdown briefly to stop Patrick from reaching the Shaft Sector, Algol with the ability to camouflage are used.

M.T.H.R. locks down a room one more time after releasing a new breed of Dinosaur in the Energy Sector.

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