The Lecture Room Hallway is an area of the Facility 1F that was featured in Dino Crisis.


This hallway leads to several different rooms; Elevator Hall, Office and the Lecture Room. The hallway is also connected to the Toilet via the piping passage B 1F. There are several vending machines and seats located outside of the lecture room, with a trash bin next to it. A corpse is torn apart, not far from the office entry.


Regina surrounded

Regina is surrounded by Velociraptors at Lecture Room Hallway.

Player will face two Velociraptor around the hallway. There are several steam vents located on the ceiling of the wallway, that can be utilized to fight the raptors. Player can find the plug near the human corpse and the Med. Pak M near the elevator hall entry. A laser shutter protects the elevator hall from unauthorised access.


Location Localization Original Script
Ventilation opening Do you want to climb to the ventilation opening? Yes / No
The switch for steam vents (Near the Office entry) Will you push the switch? Yes / No
Vending machines A vending machines for nutritional drinks.
The signs Ahead: Training Room
UNUSED (Slightly different version of the text above, this went unused) Rest Area Ahead: Training Room
Switch for the laser shutter Will you push the switch? Yes / No
The door to the Elevator hall The door is locked from the other side.
Med. Pak M Will you take the Med. Pak M? Yes / No
UNUSED (Probably meant to be displayed if you check the dead body) Most of the body has been devoured.


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