Large Laboratory Hall is an area of the Habitat Support Facility.


It's a large Laboratory hall that contains many life support chambers that are still active. A hologram projector unit can also be seen at the centre of the Lab.


After Dylan walks down the stairs, a cutscene is played where Paula, who was last seen running from Dylan from the Facility Area/Front, is seen activating a future/past hologram projector unit where Dylan meets himself in an unknown future/past. After the conversation, Dylan and Paula go into the Oversized Transport Chamber.


Location Localization Original Script
Lift support chamber on the left and right. Up above are many life support chambers still in operation.
Support Chamber Inside the chambers are silouettes of persons.
Control Panel use by Paula It's a control panel to operate the hologram projective unit.
Hologram at the center It's a hologram projection unit. They must have been simulating their experiments in three dimensions.
Thin Plasma Display It's a thin plasma display. Probably used for displaying blue prints and other materials.



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