Kornephoros is a primate-like dinosaur. It was created by combining Velociraptor and Primate DNA.


MTHR 248 created this species on board the abandoned colony ship, Ozymandias. Compared to Algol which had pure Dromaeosaur genes, Kornephoros was made by fusing raptor and primate genes.


They are tough, intelligent and are able to use their hands. By restricting their evolution to a shape similar to that of primates, dinosaurs with human-like properties were devised. Using the genes of the Catarrhini group (humans, monkeys and apes), genetic manipulation was performed on the dinosaur DNA, altering muscles and skeletal framework. As a result, this modified species hunt systematically as a group, and exhibit some of the characteristics of the Catarrhini.


Kornephoros is another species of grunts that players can encounter in Dino Crisis 3, although less common than Algol. They are rare, but also powerful and mostly encountered in pairs. Kornephoros can usually be killed by sending the player's WASP on them, however, avoiding them might be the best strategy to conserve ammo.


Further NotesEdit


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