Jungle/Unknown Area ②, known simply as "Unknown Area ②" (未知のエリア② Michi no eria ②?) in the Japanese version, it is an area of the Jungle downriver from the Missile Silo. A highly advanced circle shaped structure can be seen at the centre.


This the second Jungle/Unknown area venture before reaching the Facility Area/Front that is just up ahead. Six Commemoration Monuments can be seen around the pavement.


Much like the previous jungle/unknown area, the area will be swarming with Oviraptors and they will try to attack Paula. As Dylan, it's the player's responsibility to protect her while going through this area. There is a platform ahead, where Paula will climb up. Dylan, however, has to use a small ladder on the left. You have to hurry as the Oviraptors may attack her during the time Dylan is climbing the ladder.


Location Localization Original Script
The First Commemoration Monument The First Commemoration Monument, Dr. Kirk. In commemoration of the establishment of the Third Energy Theory.
The Second Commemoration Monument The Second Commemoration Monument, Republic of Bolzinia. In commemoration of the government who changed clean energy to a weapon.
The Third Commemoration Monument The Third Commemoration Monument, Spacetime Meteorite In commemoration of the Overdrive, the end of the Cretaceous.
The Fourth Commemoration Monument The Fourth Commemoration Monument, Timegate In commemoration of the transformation from weapon to the Timegate.
The Fifth Commemoration Monument The Fifth Commemoration Monument, Paradise In commemoration of establishment of the same environment as the late Cretaceous.
The Sixth Commemoration Monument The Last Commemoration Monument, Noah's Ark In commemoration of the human race who came to this world and created a "Paradise".
The door on top of the platform The door is locked. Only authorized personnel can access the lock. It is impossible to unlock.