Jungle/Unknown Area ①, known simply as "Unknown Area ①" (未知のエリア① Michi no eria ①?) in the Japanese version, is an area of the Jungle downriver from the Missile Silo.


This area is mostly surrounded jungle, though a riverside can be seen right next to it.


After being attacked by an Allosaurus, Dylan was pushed from danger by David and was carried away by the river to an unknown jungle area. After he wakes up, Paula is there, trying to tell him to follow her somewhere. Assuming Dylan's role, the player must protect an unarmed Paula while following her. However, Oviraptors will swarm the area and try to attack Paula. When one or more Oviraptors appear, she will stop moving until it is killed. After reaching a door to the Jungle/Unknown Area ②, Paula will open it.

Note that any damage sustained by Paula will remain into the following areas and the player is unable to heal her. Her death will result in a game over.


Location Localization Original Script
Before following Paula Protect the girl from the dinosaurs and get across the jungle.
The door at front The door is locked. Ony authorized personnel can be access the lock. It's impossible to unlock.