The Jungle (ジャングル Janguru?) is a region of the Earth some three million years into the future, which somehow mimics the environments in the dinosaur era. The dinosaurs escaping their confinement had made various parts of the Jungle their home, as well as a type of poisonous plant which occupied a part of the area.

T.R.A.T. ArrivalEdit

The T.R.A.T. team consist of Dylan Morton, Regina, David Falk along with the others camp within part of the jungle after their arrival. It was not long before they were ambushed by pack of Velociraptors coming through the jungle. Most of the T.R.A.T. soldier were killed in action except Dylan, Regina and David. Soon, the Velociraptor would flee the area as a Tyrannosaurus came to chase both Dylan and Regina. David would fire a rocket Launcher that would hit the T. rex right eye causing it to stun temporary before continuing to chase the two again. With no choice, Dylan and Regina had to slide down a steep cliff in order to escape from the T. rex, as the two later would wake up at the Dock/Carrier Lot.

Northern zoneEdit

Southern zoneEdit




The Marsh is an area inhabited by poisonous fungi with harmful spores. The spores are potent enough from a distance to keep dinosaurs at bay, though the areas closer to the Missile Silo require the Gas Mask due to higher spore concentration.

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