The Jet-black Tyrannosaurus (漆黒ティラノサウルス Shikkoku tiranosaurusu?) was a large female Tyrannosaurus first encountered in the fifth level of Dino Stalker. It also serves as the final boss of the game.

Physical DescriptionEdit

This Tyrannosaurus is possibly the largest of the three seen throughout the series. Its skin was black in color due to the radiation from the nearby volcano. It has 40% more resistance than the normal Tyrannosaurs fought in Dino Crisis and Dino Crisis 2, proving to be the strongest of all Tyrannosaurus known in the series.


She first appeared when Lt. Mike Wired was battling against the two Carnotaurs. The conflict drew her attention, and soon she appeared and quickly killed the red Carnotaurus. She chased after Mike and Paula, who were luckily able to escape from her after driving through the abandoned city.

The Tyrannosaurus later appeared again at the top of the volcano, acting as a guardian to the Mother Computer, as a last line of defense before the accident could happen. Mike battled against the ferocious Tyrannosaur, with the battle field being the innards of the volcano. After a long fierce battle, the Tyrannosaurus was beaten, and slipped fatally injured into the magma pool to her death.


In the chase sequence, players should use their rocket launcher as the Jet-black Tyrannosaurus would sometimes charges towards them. Players can also spare the rocket launcher/missile launcher for the final duel. Albeit doing the most damage to the dinosaur, this Tyrannosaurus only flinches and runs away when shot by a shotgun, provided the player shot it in close distance. The dinosaur may also throw rocks at the player. When battling the Tyrannosaurus, the player should avoid having their back turned to the dinosaur in case it decides to charge at the player.


  • The first encounter with the Jet-black Tyrannosaurus resembles the chase scene in Jurassic Park, in which Robert Muldoon, Ellie Sattler, and Ian Malcolm flee a pursuing Tyrannosaurus in a Jeep. Also the chase is similar to the chase scene in the film sequel The Lost World: Jurassic Park, where Ian Malcom & Sarah Harding are fleeing the T-Rex in the streets of San Diego.
  • The Tyrannosaurus itself seemed based off the iconic dinosaur from the films, which served as inspiration for the Dino Crisis series.
  • The player 2 color of the Tyrannosaurus in the Dino Crisis 2 minigame Dino Duel is black. Whether the developers purposely chose this color for the Jet-black Tyrannosaurus or if it is merely a coincidence is unknown, however it should be noted that unlike the player 1 color, this black Tyrannosaurus retains both of its eyes.