Inostrancevia (イノストランケピア Inosutorankepia?) is a dino file that can be found in Dino Crisis 2.



3.7 meters


1.2 meters

Observation Records
The cave route which leads to the city, it passes through a volcano. Two years ago, the volcano suddenly started acting up. From about that same time the four-legged creature began appearing. They seem to favor hot and dark places.

We believed that these four-legged creatures were herbivores due to the scarcity of living organisms in their habitat. But when one our men was attacked by one of them, we learned that they were actually omnivores.

Although they are slow, we have to find a way to counter them.

Combat Record
We still have yet to find a way to fight them. It's the ultra-hard armor which they wear that makes them so tough. No regular firearm will hurt them. Their jaws are also very strong. Strong enough to even crush a helmet.

The only effective way we know so far is, when they attack they stand on their hind legs. This is when you should shoot their stomach. It seems to be their weakpoint.

Currently a prototype weapon is in the late stages of development. This mine like weapon when complete should flip them on their backs. But we don't know for sure if it will really work.


体長: 3.7m

体高: 1.2m

シティに連絡する洞窟は、 火山を貫いている。
2年前、 突如この火山が活動を始めた。
その頃から、 洞窟内に、 この4つ足の怪物が出現するようになった。

洞窟付近には、 あまり生物も生息していないため、 当初は草食と考えられていた。
しかし、 運搬兵が襲撃・捕食されたため、 雑食であることが判明した。
動きは鈍重なのだが、 今のところ有効な戦法が見つかっていない。


今だに有効な戦法が確立できないのは、 常識を超えた、 奴らの装甲の厚さのせいである。
そしてヘルメットごと頭骨を歯噛み砕く、 あの顎。

今の所分かっているのは、 獲物にのしかかってくる瞬間に腹を狙うのが有効である、 ということだ。
現在、 奴をひっくり返すための地雷武器が試作段階らしい。


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