Ibis Island

Ibis island was a tropical island under the control of the Borginian Republic. The island was exclusively used for military research, with nothing else being on the island but a large facility. The reason for this was to prevent intelligence leaks.[1][excerpt 1] There was a large Ibis bird population on the island, hence the name.[2] The island's jungle hid the facility and allowed it complete secrecy until rumors about the Borginian Republic developing secret weapons became well known.


Some time after 2006, the island's research facility was converted to offer significant space for Third Energy research, under the supervision of Dr. Edward Kirk. The island was covered by a dense rain forest, broken only by the research facility and its exterior weapons placements. 

Crater de la Isla Ibis

The island's newly formed "crater"

In 2009, a generator overload during a Third Energy experiment created a temporal anomaly which transported a number of dinosaurs onto the island. The facility was overrun from the inside and outside and most of the staff, whether researchers or soldiers, were dead within hours. A special forces team affiliated with Dr. Kirk's home country infiltrated the island to obtain weapons research data. Discovering the cause of the incident, they attempted to reactivate the generator to close the anomaly. However, this led to a further overload which soon engulfed a large area of the island, transporting it to an unknown period in time.

Further notesEdit

  • The naming of the island is a pun made by Capcom. The Ibis birds are referred to as toki (とき?) in Japanese. This word is also the Japanese word for "when" ( toki?), thus referencing the time-travel element. It was decided to name the island after the Ibis bird so it would make a reasonably-sounding animal-based place name like Resident Evil's Raccoon City.[2][excerpt 2]



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    Q13. アイビズ島には、 ボルジニア共和国の軍事施設しかないのでしょうか? ほかの施設や住居、 店舗などもあるのでしょうか?
    A13.軍事施設しかありません。 施設は最高機密あつかいなので、 情がもれる可能性は極力排除しているのです。
  2. Excerpt from OFFICIAL GUIDE BOOK, p.187:
    "Q12. アイビズ島のネーミングの由来は?"
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