Hull breaches are an environmental hazard in Dino Crisis 3. Microdebris from the Seyfert pose a risk to the ship, and at some points in the game will collide with the Ozymandias' windows. The player must use their jetpacks to fly as far away from the breach as possible before MTHR-248 drops a shutter to seal it. If they fail to engage their jetpacks, they will be sucked out of the ship and killed.

Instances Edit

The first hull breach occurs in a cutscene. Patrick is at risk of being blown out, and the player switches to Sonya, who's mission is to reactivate the shutter activator.

The second hull breach - in-game this time - will occur when the player first arrives at Power Station Accessway/Portside where a window on the floor breaks open.

Two breaches occur in Storage Module E. The first is a window next to the entrance; the second is a glass floor behind the elevator.

A fifth occurs in Shaft/Interior E. A large window will blow out against a console.

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