Foto Misterioso sobreviviente

File photo of one of the helmeted youths from the Report on Unidentified Body.

"Helmet People" is a fan-name for a group of helmeted youths that stalk Dylan Morton and Regina in Dino Crisis 2.


The youths wear black full-face helmets with red visors and black jumpsuits with red belts. The legs of Paula Morton's jumpsuit are short-length and coupled with thigh-high stockings possibly made from the same material. Whether this was a personal modification or the "standard" for female youths is unknown, since she is the only female encountered.

They were children from the year 2055 who accompanied their parents on the Noah's Ark Plan to send the dinosaurs 3,000,000 years forward in time to avoid a temporal catastrophe.

Later they were injured when the dinosaurs escaped and were placed into life support machines for several years. However, the chambers were originally designed for the growth of dinosaurs, and long habitation caused them to loose their ability of speech (although they could regain it) and internalize instinct to protect the dinosaurs.[1] This caused attacks on the survivors of the 2010s' Edward City also sent to the same future.


Paula and the helmet boys

Paula and two of her fellow youths attacking Regina.

The amount of children seem to have been low. However, there definitely were more than 5.

  • Paula Morton
  • Member #1 (with Paula, fell off a bridge)
  • Member #2 (also with Paula, falls to death when Giganotosaurus destroys bridge)
  • Members in Research Facility - bodies of 17-18 yr olds found around year 3,000,000 + 10.



  • Paula was photographed in the early part of the mission aged around 7. At least 17 years pass until the TRAT investigation supporting the ones in the research facility's ages.


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