The Hardware Storage is an area of the Military Facility. It is known as the Equipment storage room (機材保管室 Kizai hokan-shitsu?) in the Japanese game.


This is where most of the hardware for the Military was stored.


Dylan can find the Research Facility Keycard here, though later he was locked inside due to unauthorized personal. He radio Regina who was currently at the dock. Player will assume Regina role starting from the Dock Landing Space, where she has went through jungle routes and get to the Military Facility.

After arriving, she must take the key plate and replace it with the (blue) key plate at the Control Room to free Dylan from the Hardware Storage. Then player will assume Dylan roles, and immediately back to the Cockpit Cabin where Regina had capture one of the Helmet People.


Location Localization Original Script
Computer on the right-hand side It's a super computer which stores the records of the people living in this city.
Control Panel It's a control panel for the shield shutter. It is used for alarming tresspassers. A blue light is lit. To operate you need a key plate.
Control Panel Use the wrong Key Plate Nothing happened. This key plate is not the correct one for this terminal.
Boxes Unwanted materials and supplies have been thrown in the boxes.
Shelf On the shelf are many computers unused.
Box with red light This box appears to be used for storing important materials. A red light is lit. To open, you need a key plate.
(Regina) Shield shutter The shield shutter is in operation. On the other side of the shutter is a shadow of a person.



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