Green Raptors are common enemies in Dino Crisis 2 and Dino Stalker. They have green skin with brown/orange stripes. The are stronger than the normal Velociraptor, but is very weak and easy to kill compared to the Brown Raptors and Blue Raptors.

In Dino Crisis 2 they are found at the first time in the Military Facility/Entrance.

In Dino Stalker, these variant of the Velociraptor is simply a normal raptor, moreover, the most common variation that will be encountered by Mike Wired and also the weakest.

Gameplay Edit

Dino Crisis 2 Edit

They are relatively common, but less than the normal raptors. They are stronger and makes more damage, but are weaker than the Brown Raptors. As the Blue Raptors, do not compare.

Dino StalkerEdit

In this game, they are simply one color variant of the Velociraptors and are weaker. Moreover, they are the most common color variation of the raptors.

Greenraptor2 Greenraptor

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