Giganotosaurus (ギガノトサウルス Giganotosaurusu?) is a dino file that can be found in Dino Crisis 2.


The file can be obtained in the Missile Silo, right before the first encounter with the dinosaur.



Giant Lizard


Over 20 meters


Over 7 Meters

Observation Record

"There exists a dinosaur much larger than the T-Rex..." such a rumor spread among the soldiers.
The search for "it" began 3 years ago. There have been no sightings.

However, last summer deep in the jungle, a dead body of a T-Rex was found with huge toothmarks on its throat.
The rumour was not going to end just as a rumor.
Not for a while.

Combat Notes

There is nothing known about their attacking behaviors.
This can mean two things. One is that no such dinosaur exists. Two is that every soldier who did encounter it have disappeared without a trace.

Soldiers who strayed away from the troop, approximately 70% of their bodies have not been found.
Judging from this, we cannot ignore the fact that there just may be a gigantic dinosaur who have swallowed our men whole.

Anyone who has seen the giant never lives to tell about it.bbbb

The original Japanese transcript for this file is not yet present. Please add it.



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