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Generator Room B3
Generator Room B3 (4)
Japanese:[Jp name not given]

Startup Battery W
Map:Facility B3
Links:Carrying Out Room B3
Tracks used:Underpass

The Generator Room B3 (also known as Backup Generator Room B3) is an area of the Facility B3 that is featured in Dino Crisis.


There is a fuse box containing three battery located at the back, each battery fuse is labelled as A, B, C and D.


The shelf can be push aside to find a multiplier. A Key Card Lv. C or higher is require to operate the fuse box device. Player can then obtain one of the battery fuse that can be used on the main generator at the Carrying Out Room B3. When the main generator malfunctions, the player needs to bring back the white battery previously taken from the fuse box and organize the fuses correclty. The fastest order to rearrange them is A, C, D.


Location Localization Original Script
Multiplier Will you take the Multiplier? Yes / No
Display screen (inactive) It's a display to indicate the operating condition of the Backup Generator. There's nothing indicated because it's not active.
Display screen (active) It's a display to indicate the operating condition of the Backup Generator.

There's a switch. Will you press it? Yes / No

(Yes) Nothing happened.

The fuse device You will need a Key Card that is Lv. C or higher to operate this device. Will you remove the battery? Yes / No
The fuse device (After returning the fuse) Which button will you press? A / B / C / D / Cancel


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