General Weapon Storage is an area of the facility B3 that is featured in Dino Crisis.


It is a large area where various vehicles are parked inside. A small vehicle had crashed on the shutter, which had caused it to bend. There are also multiple large containers placed here. A crane was used to move them.


A Resuscitation pack can be found near the computer terminal.

At some point, Regina will be attacked by a Therizinosaurus, in which the dinosaur will try to slash her with its claw that will insted hit the chains that holds the containers. A "Danger" moment will occur in which the player must press the button rapidly to avoid being hit by the falling container. Assuming Regina's role later, two Therizinosaurus will be faced.

The crane must be operated in order to get the DDK. The control panel can be reached by climbing the ladder near the transport passageway door and then climbing the ladder to the left of the upper walkway. Three crane cards must be used on the control panel to operate the crane. It operates similarly to the Carrying Out Room B1 crane, only having different functions. The room space for the crates to be moved also changes.

The crane functions include:

  • Right 2: Move the crane two spaces to the right.
  • Down 1: Move the crane one space downward.
  • Up 3: Move the crane three spaces upward.
  • Left 2: Move the crane two spaces to the left.
  • Hook: Hook the crate below.
  • Release: Unhook the crate.
  • start: Apply the selected commands, in the same order they were selected.
  • exit: Exit the crane.
  • clear: Clear all currently selected commands.

Use the crane to move the crates (follow the steps below):

  • Up 3, Hook, Left 2, Down 1, Release and press start.
  • Up 3, Right 2, Hook, Down 1, Left 2, Release and press start.
  • Up 3, Right 2, Down 1, Hook, and press start.
  • Release, Right 2, Hook and press start.

Once the path is clear, follow the path and take the DDK Input Disc W under Alan's corpse.


Location Localization Original Script
Small vehicle It's a small sized vehicle that has crashed into the shutter.
Truck It's an armored truck that contains machine-guns. Possibly a pre-production sample.
Computer terminal The computer terminal to record the transfers to and from weapon storage.
Light switch It's a light switch for the Crane Operation Room. I don't need to operate it right now.
The control for the crane I need three Crane Cards to move this crane.
Using one of the Crane Cards Will you operate the crane? Yes / No