"Don't sweat it. I'll take'em all out one by one if I have to."
— Gail's approach to problem solving

Gail was the leader of the Secret Operation Raid Team, a group of intelligence and espionage agents operating as a government agency. As the leader of S.O.R.T., Gail developed strategies, commanded other team members, and directed the progress of the team's mission. However, he also acted as an agent, investigating scenes with the team and fighting their enemies. Gail often operated alone, allowing the other agents to complete objectives in any way they could with limited advice.

In 2009, Gail led his team to a research facility located on Ibis Island. Their mission was to locate and retrieve Edward Kirk, an energy researcher leading the facility's program. Gail, however, had a secret mission objective unknown to Regina or Rick: discover and collect all details regarding the use of the facility's energy program as a weapon. Despite setbacks at the beginning of the mission, including the deaths of two of his team members, Cooper and Tom, Gail and the remaining agents, Regina and Rick, located Kirk and escaped the island. Depending on choices made by Regina, Gail may have died in an attempt to complete both missions himself.


Entry and DeceptionEdit

"Okay, this is the first checkpoint. Playtime is officially over, kiddies."
— Gail's introduction

In 2009, Gail's S.O.R.T. team was selected by their government for a covert mission in an enemy country based on information gathered by a S.O.R.T. agent stationed on the island. They were to enter an island research facility and repatriate Edward Kirk, a leading energy researcher previously believed to have died several years before. However, Gail alone had been given a more important mission: to retrieve any data on the use of Kirk's theories as a weapon for the government.

Gail's four-man team parachuted onto the island late at night, intending to enter through a back entrance. However, the radioman Cooper's parachute deviated off course, landing him deep in the island's forest where he was stalked and eaten by a Tyrannosaurus inhabiting the island. Gail and the remaining two, Rick and Regina, entered the back of the facility and found it deserted with signs of a struggle. Gail led an investigation, but vanished after a surprise attack by a Velociraptor damaged his radio, leaving the other two to work alone. He managed to reconnect with his team, saving Regina from a Velociraptor attack.

The UndergroundEdit

Rick, Gail & Regina

Rick, Gail and Regina

While Regina continued investigating, he had Rick repair his radio and planned their next move, which he thought should be to the underground area of the facility. An emergency signal from a teammate disrupted this, however, with Rick and possibly Regina leaving to investigate its source. He proceeded to floor B1, finding Kirk but losing him in the laboratory area. Calling Regina for help, the two combed the area and found a hidden laboratory alluded to in researcher's notes, but Kirk had already escaped the area, using the facility's security to trap them in the computer room. After Regina disabled the emergency lock, Gail fought his way to the cargo area and captured Kirk. After forcing Kirk to hand over a missing keycard, he instructed Regina to contact their escape helicopter and left Kirk in Rick's hands.

The True MissionEdit

"I have a little unfinished business to take care of..."
— A cryptic exit

Gail had maneuvered his team and Kirk to the Heliport, leaving him alone in the facility. This gave him the freedom to descend into the lowest level of the facility in search of the weapons data he had secretly been ordered to find. However, the B2 and B3 floors, both dealing with Third Energy research and experimentation directly, were equipped with much more sophisticated security systems than the above ground floors, making it extremely difficult to access any important areas.

While Gail was searching the B3 area, the escape helicopter was destroyed and Kirk escaped back into the facility, hoping to finalize his results. Rick and Regina made their way to the floor, as did Kirk, who smashed a battery in the main generator, forcing Gail to contact the team for information. He continued to explore, using a ventilation shaft to access the Third Energy labs on floor B2, where he was found by Regina. Her efforts unlocked much of the facility, allowing them to explore the experimental generator itself. She was ambushed by Kirk in his personal quarters, but Gail intervened and shot the pistol from his hands. Handing control over their escape and the activation of the generator, needed to remove a Third Energy vortex blocking their escape, to Regina, he kept Kirk prisoner in his quarters until the overloading generator's vibrations forced a ceiling pipe to fall; Gail was crushed, but managed to both save Kirk and place a tracking device on him.


"You two get going. I'm going after Kirk."
— Gail's refusal to leave without completing the mission

A severely injured Gail was found by Regina, who helped him back to the port on floor B3, but Kirk had escaped again. Rick had been preparing for their own escape using the port, and the generator's overload removed the last obstacle. But Gail refused to leave without completing the mission, and ordered them to remain there for thirty minutes while he sought Kirk out. Whether or not this happened depended on Regina.

If she agreed with Gail, sympathizing with the desire to complete their mission and stop Kirk from escaping, Regina and Gail followed the signal from the transmitter Gail attached to Kirk's coat. While S.O.R.T. was preoccupied with their escape plan, the generator, and Gail's injuries, Kirk had been busy gathering the final data results from his research, and was finally found by Gail in the special weapons storage on floor B3, looking for the most important aspect of his work: the Stabilizer. Gail, though severely wounded, took the data at gunpoint, before Regina entered. Gail handed the data disc to her, and Kirk, who had realized that the weapon's data was the real objective, smugly pointed this out. Gail explained what they had to do and the concern for their safety that led him to conceal it, but succumbed to his untreated injuries shortly after having assured the successful completion of the mission.

If she agreed with Rick, prioritizing their safety and Gail's own life, she knocked Gail unconscious and had Rick carry him to the hovercraft Rick had found in the port.

A third choice would lead Regina to discover a hidden heliport deep underground before meeting Gail and Kirk in the B2 laboratories. Gail retrieved the data disc, but did not share that information with Regina. The time spent chasing Kirk allowed the Tyrannosaurus to destroy the hovercraft, and they used the underground heliport to escape.

Her final option was to knock Gail unconscious and go after Kirk herself, recapturing him as he attempted to escape via the underground heliport. The hovercraft was again destroyed, and they used Kirk's preferred method of escape to leave the facility.

Mission's End Edit

If he survived the mission, Gail spent a considerable period of time recovering from his wounds in the military's medical facilities. The data disc, if retrieved, was discreetly passed to command without his team's knowledge for analysis and study. If he died in the facility, Gail's corpse remained deep under Ibis Island, abandoned by his team in the rush to escape.

Personality and traitsEdit

Gail was an experienced operative, and an established leader in his field. His approach to missions was cold, efficient, and methodical, with a focus on completing the primary objective at the expensive of any other considerations. His leadership style was relaxed and indirect; he would approach the mission as he saw fit and allow the others to do the same, only issuing orders when something specific needed to be done, and rarely working directly with the team. He would often explore alone and only report back when he needed specific assistance. He disliked having to excessively guide, help, or as he put it: "babysit" people.

His approach to problem solving was direct. Shooting his way through trouble was a standard method for Gail; this combined with his non-negotiable desire to put the mission ahead of any other problem left him at odds with Rick, who advocated technical and humanitarian solutions. The third surviving member on the Ibis Island mission, Regina, was often left to negotiate a compromise between the two men. Gail's respect for strength and practicality resulted in him being closer to Regina, and he often left it to her to deal with Rick.

However, his uncaring manner was in large part a facade. He concealed the true purpose of the Ibis Island mission, to acquire data that would allow their government to use Dr. Kirk's research to develop a weapon, from his team out of fear for their safety, wanting to protect them from that knowledge and the consequences of knowing it.



"Very funny. We still need to figure out what happened here."
— A subdued response to one of Regina's jokes

Of all the agents assigned to the Ibis Island mission, Gail worked best with Regina. Her calmer attitude and more reasonable demeanor, at least compared to Rick, more closely matched Gail's own. At the beginning of the mission, he began exploring with her, and continued to do so later on. The pair achieved the majority of the physical tasks and handled most of the island's threats, as well as the task of finding and capturing Dr. Kirk.


"That punk is really starting to get on my nerves."
— Gail on Rick's mission priorities

Despite their reliance on one another, particularly Gail's reliance on Rick's ability with technology, the two men could not be called friends, and were barely able to cooperate on a mission because of their differing ideologies and priorities. Gail's insistence that the completion of the mission was always the most important issue conflicted with Rick's humanitarian instincts, and the two rarely agreed on how the team should proceed.

Even with their differences, Rick expressed concern for Gail while he was missing, and Gail concealed the mission's true objective out of a desire to protect Rick and Regina.

Edward KirkEdit

"I don't give spit about your results. I'm taking you back under orders, so shut up and follow me."
— Gail's first encounter with Kirk

Gail's interactions with Kirk were nothing short of antagonistic from the moment the two men met. His obvious disdain for Kirk and callous treatment of him dictated S.O.R.T's initial interaction with him, and his refusal to accommodate any of Kirk's requests ensured that he would attempt to undermine and evade them for the rest of the mission. Most of their time together was spent with Kirk as Gail's hostage, with Gail viewing him as nothing more than an objective, and Kirk continually scheming to escape.

Behind the scenesEdit

Gail first appeared in the first Dino Crisis as the leader of the protagonists. Despite leading the team, he rarely gave direction and frequently operated alone, leaving the rest of the team to devise their own plans. His secretive nature regarding the mission eventually gave way to his role as one of the main protagonists, particularly after his motivations and motives are revealed. Gail died in one of the game's four endings - the ending which reveals this information.

Gail does not appear in the stories of any of the sequels to Dino Crisis, despite likely surviving the Ibis Island mission and being a main character in the first game. He does appear in the Dino Colosseum bonus mode in Dino Crisis 2 as a playable character, however.

Dino Crisis ManhuaEdit


  • While not appearing in the main portion of Dino Crisis 2, Gail appears as a playable character in the unlockable mini-game Dino Colloseum.

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