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Front Entrance
Main Entrance (5)
Japanese:[Jp name not given]

Items:An. Aid
Map:Facility 1F


The Front Entrance (or Main Entrance) is an area of the Facility 1F that is featured in Dino Crisis.


It is the main entrance with combination of upper and lower level that act as the central hub for the first and second floor of the Facility. There is a large Borginian Republic military symbol in front of the door entrance. From the first floor, the front entrance branches off into four doors: Front Area of Entrance, Elevator Hall, Office Hallway Management and Office Hall. On the second floor, there is a walkway toward the second floor of the hall.


Regina will observed around the area when player enter for the first time. Assume Regina control, player can find a An. Aid on the lower level near the door to the Elevator Hall.

There is a Digital Disk Key (DDK) device next to the door Elevator hall, which require both DDK Input Disc N and DDK Code Disc N. With it, player must type the code to unlocked the door:

code: </code>

<code>ABNDEFGH </code>

<code>ABWCDFGH </code>

<code>ABDFGHOM </code>

<code>ABDEFGHR </code>

ABBDFGH </code>

NEWCOMER </code>


Location Localization Original Script
An. Aid Will you take the An. Aid? Yes / No
Elevator hall door (Without both "N" disks)

It has been locked with the Digital Disc Key (DDK).

You must check the device next to the door, and set the DDK devices.

The DDK device

A DDK device. The symbol "N" is inscribed.

The DDK that contains the correct information is require to release this lock.

Will you set the DDK? Yes / No

(Yes) To release the lock, it is necessary to set both the "Code" and "Input" DDK devices.

The DDK device The DDK lock has been unlocked.
Front Area of Entrance door (Without the key) You need the Entrance Key to open this door.
Front Area of Entrance door (With the key) You have used the Entrance Key.
The Borginian Republic symbol on the floor. A military symbol.



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