The Front Area of Entrance is an area of the Facility 1F that is featured in Dino Crisis.


It the main way to enter the facility. A locked gate leading outside of the facility is located here and the passageway to the Heliport is also accessed from this area. A body is located here with only an arm and part of the upper body remaining.


Next to the body is one of the "N" discs, that can be used to release the DDK lock for the door entry to the elevator hall.

After obtaining the F. C. Device inside the Strategy Room, player can collect the corpse fingerprints. The fingerprints can be enter on the device to rewrite the ID Card inside the office.

Originally there were no enemies in this area, however when entered after the antenna is reactivated there are Pteranodons in the area.


Location Localization Original Script
Main gate The main gate of the facility. It's locked.
Booth The booth to regulate the entrants. No one appears to be inside.
Entry door to the Heliport

It's locked. The sign says:

"Heliport Ahead".

The file next to the body The file of personnel changes. Will you read the file? Yes / No
SG Bullets Will you take the SG Bullets? Yes / No
An. Aid Will you take the An. Aid? Yes / No
Using the F. C. Device on the corpse Fingerprint data has been collected.

(If the F. C. Device has another fingerprint) There is data stored in the Fingerprint Collecting Device. Overwrite the data? Yes / No


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