"Inreased stability allows faster follow up shoots."
— Upgraded Inventory description.

The Franchi PA3 is the primary shotgun used in Dino Crisis. It is a very popular weapon used by special forces teams and set the mark for future tactical shotguns. Finding the Shotgun Parts enables Regina to upgrade it into a SPAS-12.


It is a powerful weapon against nearly all types of enemies. It has a shorter range than either handgun, but at close range will stun almost any enemy. The gun does not feature a stock initially, but later Regina can obtain one. This is an odd discrepancy, since nearly every PA3 produced has a stock.


If it is not in the inventory at the start of the game, it can be found inside Medical Room, early on floor 1F.

Prehistoric versionsEdit

Like all the other weapons, when playing with Regina's prehistoric costume, the PA3 will have a different appearance.

Latest (2)

Without stock

Latest (3)

With stock

Trivia Edit

  • In the real life, the PA3 cannot be "upgraded" into a SPAS-12.
  • It appears that the PA3 Regina acquires is the PA3/345; a model that has a 345mm (13.6") barrel and a 5-shell capacity.