" It creates a wall of fire, enabling you to avert from frontal attacks."
— Item description.

The Firewall is a sub-weapon item in Dino Crisis 2. It is purchased for 5,000 credits. As its name implies, it creates a wall of fire in front of the user, inflicting damage to enemies who come in contact with it.

The Firewall is one of the most useful sub-weapons in the game. Although its damage is somewhat inexpressive, it can effectively stop weaker dinosaurs (Velociraptor, Oviraptor, Compsognathus) mid-charge, making it an amazing weapon for crowd control. It is ill advised to use against larger enemies (Allosaurus, Pteranodon, Inostrancevia), since they can just run past the wall, while taking almost no damage.

A good strategy, if you're swarmed by lesser dinos, is to put your back against a wall, trigger the Firewall, and blast away with your primary weapon. The wall of fire will prevent enemies from charging at you, while allowing some room to breath, reload or even heal yourself.

The Firewall is also useful if you're running away. Deploying a wall on your path will halt the advance of oncoming enemies, giving you more time to escape.

It may also be used as an alternative to the Flame Launcher when dealing with the poisonous plants as the fire from the firewall will kill them. However, it is advised you don't stand in front of the plant's blast radius for obvious reasons. Instead run to the side of the flower and use it.


Performance: Attack-30, Speed-70, Range-90



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