Facility 2F is the second floor of the Ibis Island Third Energy research facility. Located directly above Facility 1F, primary access to the floor is found in the floor's front entrance room, with a secondary entrance located in the 1F control room through an elevator that requires a specific ID card.
Facility 2F

Map of Facility 2F


Much of the floor is taken up by recreational equipment, with a lounge room complete with a bar and seating for the staff. Facility 2F also contains the office of the facility's Chief and adjacant waiting areas.

Facility 2F also serves as the communications area of the entire facility. The main antenna is controlled from a room on this floor, and the facility's only equipment for reliable communication with the outside world is located in a secure room connected by elevator to Facility 1F's control room.


During a 2009 mission to the research facility, S.O.R.T agent Regina entered this area in her search for Edward Kirk, the facility's lead researcher. Instead of Kirk, she found a dying researcher in the Chief's room and fought off a tyrannosaurus through the room's window. While there, she found an upgrade to her handgun in the lounge.

Regina later returned to use the communications area to contact the pilot of S.O.R.T's escape helicopter. After reactiving the facility's antenna, the floor's emergency locks were triggered; she was trapped by the tyrannosaurus and forced to hold it off until her teammate, Rick, could disable the lock. After that encounter, she contacted the pilot, explained the situation and their success, and asked him to pick the team and Kirk up at the facility's heliport.

Behind the scenesEdit

Facility 2F appears in the first Dino Crisis as one of the main floors of the game's main setting, the research facility. It initially serves as the first encounter location for the tyrannosaurus, and later returns during the first escape attempt from the facility as the location for the game's second tyrannosaurus encounter.

Rooms Edit

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