Facility 1F, the first floor of the Ibis Island complex, served as the primary entrance to the research facility. The research facility's administrative offices were located on this floor, as was a lecture hall often used by Edward Kirk, the facility's lead researcher and supervisor. Despite being the most easily accessible floor of the facility, each part of the floor was heavily secured by a combination of locks, laser shutters, and DDK doors. Immediately inside the main entrance of the facility was a security checkpoint, which guarded the military's strategy room, a toilet, the first floor's primary control room, and a stair leading to floor B1.

This floor served as a central hub for transport throughout the facility. Shortly inside the facility's main entrance, and guarded by a DDK lock, was an elevator room which allowed those with the correctID card to descend to the B1 laboratory entrance, directly to the B2 third energy Generator, and to a B3 rest station.

Several external areas were contained within the Facility F1 map. This secondary entrance to the facility was watched by a dedicated guardhouse, and was primarily used as a route to the 1F and B1 backup generators. A path to the Facility Outdoors and its Large Size Elevator also lead through this area.


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