Experiment Room Hall is an area of the Facility B2 that is featured in Dino Crisis.


It is the B2 hallway that leads to several different rooms.


A An. Dart S can be found near the locked door. There are two Emergency Boxes located here. They can be openend using  two plugs (Red Box) and une plug (Green Box). The Key Card Lv. C can be found near the door entry to the Stabilizer Design Room. When the player tries to pick it up, a "Danger" moment will occur as a Blue Raptor will appear and ambush Regina. There is also a Resuscitation near the door to Stabilizer Experiment Room.


Location Localization Original Script
An. Dart S Will you take the An. Dart S? Yes / No
Switch for the shutter

Will you push the switch? Yes / No

(Yes) Nothing happened.

Door The door is locked from the other side.
Ventilation opening Will you climb to the ventilation opening? Yes / No


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