Energy Core Accident Report is a file in Dino Crisis 3.



Description of Accident:

A violent disturbance in the Energy Core caused the following:
1)Abnormalities in the Deck Sector's environment system.
2)Abnormalities in the Shaft Sector's gravity control.

3)Energy leak in the Energy Sector.

Fortunately, discovery of these problems and actions to correct them were prompt, and thee were no human casualties.

A mishandling of the alternate operations of the Third Energy Reactor System's Energy Core and he ship's power generators during warp navigation was identified as the cause.

Specifically, both the Energy Core and the generators were simultaneously activated,
 creating surplus energy that overloaded the Core's capacity.

Actions Taken:
The energy surplus was reduced by reactivating the core with a stronger energy counter-load. This was accomplished by inserting the [[Atomic Cylinder|Atomic Cylinder (stored in Hazardous Waste Storage area in the Deck Sector)
 into the core's activator terminal.

Additional Notes:
The accident is evidence of a significant defect in the warp-navigation system. The system will be reviewed and modified to ensure the safety of the crew.


 オズマンディアスの 「ワープ航法」 はその準備段階でサードエナジー転換炉であるエネルギーコアとパワージェネレーターの作動・停止を交互に繰り返します。

     これはデッキセクター内危険物保管室にて管理されている 「アトミックシリンダー」 をコアの端末動部に挿入して行ないます。


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