Emergency! is a cutscene in Dino Crisis 2.


Regina: Huh? Dylan, you scared me! I finally found the 3rd energy Data Disk!

Dylan: Great, now we can get out of here.
I brought the Patrol Ship around behind the building.
C'mon, let's go.
It's our Cyclops friend again.

Regina: It can't be... that T-Rex is already--

Alarm: Attack on missile launcher confirmed. Activating emergency interception mode. [Alarm starts in the background] Missile will launch in 10 minutes. Evacuate immediately.

Regina: The computer's malfunctioned

Dylan: This is not good. Where's the control panel for the missile?

Regina: It's inside the warhead. I'll go in and shut off the controller, you go ahead and evacuate.

Dylan: Okay, you be careful.

Regina: ディラン!

Dylan: じゃあ 長居は無用だな
な 何だ

Regina: 違うわ……もっとタチの悪い……

Alarm: 《ミサイル射出ユニットに攻撃を確認》
《至急 退避してください》

Regina: コンピュータが誤作動を!

Dylan: ヤバいな……制御装置はどこだ?

Regina: たぶん    ミサイルの弾頭よ
Dylan: 分かった

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