The Elevator Hall is an area of the Facility 1F that is featured in Dino Crisis.


Two elevator are located here leading down to the laboratory area, one to the right is broken and cannot be used. The map of the first and second floors for the facility are shown on the display panel. There is a dead body, wearing a white clothing, possibly one of the researcher that previously works inside facility. There is also a box which was used to check the personnel that uses the elevator.


Player can stop the beeping pager, had they set the telephone to "hold" early on inside the office.

First, player can unlocked the door to the lecture room hallway. One of the plug inside this room. There is a red "Emergency Box" placed on the wall near the box which player can used, it will require two plugs to open.

The elevator will require the researcher's ID Card for it to operate.


Location Localization Original Script
Dead body

He is wearing white. Possibly a researcher.

You have stopped the beeping of the pager.

Display panel

The map of the 1F and 2F floors are shown on the panel. Will you save the map data? Yes / No

(Yes) The data has beens saved. You can view the map on the Map Screen.

Elevator (To the left) An elevator that descends into the Laboratory Area. A researcher's ID Card is required to operate the elevator.
Elevator (To the right) It's broken. Apparently, it cannot be repaired.
Door to the lecture room hallway The door has been unlocked.
The box This box is used to check the personnel who use the elevator.
Emergency Box You can store ammo in this Emergency Box. You need 2 plugs to open this Emergency Box. Will you use the plug? Yes / No
Using the F. C. Device on the corpse Fingerprint data has been collected.

(If the F. C. Device has another fingerprint) There is data stored in the Fingerprint Collecting Device. Overwrite the data? Yes / No

Elevator (With the ID Card, "Researcher") You have used the card.


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