Dylan Morton is the commanding officer of the Tactical Reconnoitering and Acquisition Team, a US Army special operations unit, assigned to the Edward City mission. Dylan was to collaborate with S.O.R.T. member Regina on accomplishing the mission objectives. Those objectives were to rescue any survivors, retrieve the Third Energy data and bring it all back to the present time.


Early lifeEdit

Earlier in Dylan's life, he was heavily associated with street gangs. This led to the murder of his mother and sister, who were killed when a rival gang broke into his house while he was away. As a result of this experience, Dylan joined the military to make up for it, keeping his sister's necklace to remind him of his past.

T.R.A.T. and Edward CityEdit

In May 2010, the 26 year old[1] First Lieutenant Morton took part in a special forces operation. He and his unit were to be sent to another time to investigate the result of the Third Energy Criticality Incident. The investigation went awry when a pack of Velociraptors killed the majority of the team.

Noah's Ark PlanEdit

By the year 2055, he had been promoted to the rank of colonel and placed in charge of the "Noah's Ark Plan", which involved traveling to the future to prevent a temporal anomaly from destroying humanity.

Further notesEdit

  • He is shown to be quite brash when it comes to making choices, as when he prefers to cut away the vines using his Machete instead of going the other way with Regina at the beginning of the game.
  • Main Skills: Physical strength, stamina, psychological durability in adverse combat situations, heavy weapons specialist
  • Distinctive Features: Blonde hair, blue eyes, gang tattoos



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