The Doctor's Papers, Time shift (医師の手記・時空転移について Ishi no shuki jikū ten'i ni tsuite?) file can be found in the Military Facility's medical room in Dino Crisis 2.


It is found inside the Military Facility, at the Medical Room.


Again the day has come... Jan 14th. This is the day when the 3rd Energy accident occurred and we were sent to this time. This is the 10th time this day has come. And everytime I feel the same, despair...

The medical supplies from the Med. room has all been used up in the very first year. Since then we've been collecting wild plants to make medicines without knowing its effect. Nevertheless, they have been used to heal the wounds of the soldiers. And all we could do was to wait for the rescue.

Why haven't they come to rescue us? I've thought about the question for the past ten years and I have come to a conclusion: The Time shift or fold is caused by the "Overdrive" of the 3rd Energy. But our current level of technology wasn't advanced enough to recover the "accident". Years of technological research wouldn't be enough. A time error of 10 or 20 years is insignificant to a time slip of 65 million years. But that error, that time difference could mean everything for us. We should have never laid our hands on a toy so dangerous.

1月14日。サードエナジーの暴走事故によって、 我々がこの世界へ飛ばされてきた日。
この日を迎えるたび、 改めて絶望を感じる。

医務室の薬品庫は、 最初の1年でカラになった。

それからは、 効能すら分からない野生の薬草を採集して、 兵士の傷を癒し、 我々は救援を待ち続けてきた。

なぜ、 救援が来ないのか?
10年間考えて、 結論は出た。

時空の転移は、 サードエナジーの暴走事故によって起こる。
しかし、 我々の技術力では、 その"事故"を完全に制御することは、 何年かけても不可能なのだ。

しかし、 我々人間にとっては、その誤差がが致命的になってしまう。

なぜ、 こんな危険なオモチャに我々は手を出したのだろう……?


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