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Dock/Carrier Lot

Items:Med Pak S
Allies:Regina (cutscene-only)
Links:Jungle/North Route ①

Dock/Landing Space

The dock/carrier lot is the starting point of Dino Crisis 2. Dylan and Regina end up here after jumping off a cliff to avoid the Tyrannosaurus that was chasing them.


The dock/carrier lot is very small and only contains a few things. The electronically locked gate leads to the Dock/Landing Space but can only be opened while playing as Regina. Near the cliff face is a dead soldier who if checked will contain a med pack. The main purpose of this small area seems to simply connect the jungle to the dock area.


After awakening they find that there are two ways out, however, one gate is covered with ivy and the other is electronically locked. Regina recommends going through the electronic gate whereas Dylan suggest going through the jungle to find survivors. Regina then proceeds through the electric gate using her stungun while Dylan cuts the ivy off with his Machete. Player will assume as Dylan, the dead soldier contained a Med Pak S.


Location Action Localization Original Script
Dead Soldier CHECK It looks like his torso has been ripped. He must have died a while ago.
Barrel CHECK It's become all red from rust. It is empty.
Gate to the Dock/Landing Space CHECK It's electronically locked. You may be able to short it with Regina's stungun.
Fences CHECK The ivy is wrapped around the fence. The plants are not from our time.
Cliff CHECK Above this cliff is where the base camp was set. The cliff is too steep to climb.


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