The Disembarkation Immigration Office is a room in Dino Crisis.


This room deals with the security, monitoring and maintenance of the port, possessing facilities that keep track of the personnel who enter the facility via the waterway. The office itself is arranged in a rectangular shape with a small separate section acting as a joint airlock and security passage that allows staff to monitor all arrivals and departures. The control section has an array of monitors and consoles detailing immigration records and security data, as well as a large supercomputer used to store information. In the corner of the room a corpse lays mutilated, still clutching a small transmitter.


After Regina releases the DDK lock in the Rest Station, she and Rick enter the room and find that the airlock requires a special key for access. Suddenly, the pager in the dead man's hand activates, sending a distress call from his colleagues who are making their own way to the port via the Large Size Elevator. He then mentions that he has the key to the airlock, and that the Tyrannosaurus is pursuing them. Rick turns back to the computer, asking Regina to rescue the survivors.

When Regina returns to the office now possessing the key, the two are able to enter the corridor that leads to the waterway. However, they find that the hall is blocked by a strange vortex-like anomaly, a side effect of the Third Energy. Rick flicks a small coin into the vortex and the two watch as it is vaporized in front of them, while actually it was transported millions of years ago in the past.

With the way forward impassable, Rick offers to stay in the office and work on planning the escape as Regina searches for the location of the Third Energy generator.


There is a plug under the dead man's corpse. The B2 Key Chip 2 is also located here, on the central computer terminal's right desk.


Location Localization Original Script.
Mike's corpse Althrough he' s dead, he's still holding onto a transmitter in his hand.
Door to the port It's locked tight.
Outward terminal It's a computer terminal to monitor people who enter the port.
Central terminal This computer terminal appears to have exclusive control of the port.
Inward terminal It is a display used to monitor weapons deployment surrounding the island.
Rick He is setting up a program to open the passageway to the port.
Computer screens near the wall The port ahead is monitored from here.
Super computer It is a super computer for controlling the port's system.


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