Dinosaurs are large prehistoric reptiles, that the whole Dino Crisis series is based on. They lived in the Triassic, Jurassic, and Cretaceous periods of the Mesozoic Era, and were both carnivorous and herbivorous. The dinosaurs presented in the games have varying roles, from simply being wildlife ambient, enemy grunts, bosses, and even the game's "stalker", which means the specific dinosaur would stalk the player wherever they go, and can only be killed in boss fights.

Dinosaurs weren't able to fly or live underwater, hence why many reptiles living in the Mesozoic Era were classified as merely ancient reptiles, despite being given the "-saurus" suffix in their names. The flying reptiles are pterosaurs, the marine reptiles have different types like Plesiosaurs, Mosasaurs, Ichtyosaurs and etc.

Most of the dinosaurs in Dino Crisis and Dino Stalker were Carnivores, as Herbivore dinosaurs rarely pose any harm to the player.

Dino Crisis Dinosaurs

Dinosaurs from Dino Crisis 1 (Pteranodon isn't a dinosaur)

List of dinosaurs Edit

List of genetically modified dinosaurs Edit

Further Notes Edit

However, not all of the enemies were dinosaurs, these non-dinosaur enemies included :

It is interesting to note that Inostrancevia is the only creature in the series, that not only being a non-dinosaur enemy, but also from an era before the dinosaurs.

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