Dino Crisis Dungeon in Chaos (ディノ クライシス Dungeon in Chaos) is a first-person shooter mobile game published by the now-defunct Mobile Capcom in 2003.

Plot Edit

The plot revolves around the player traveling through a dinosaur-infested laboratory in search of the Third Energy reactor, which must be deactivated.[excerpt 1]

Gameplay Edit


Further notesEdit

  • The official webpage was taken down when "Mobile Capcom" was retired from service in March 2014.[1]
  • Footage on the internet suggests a 2007 re-release, though this is not mentioned on the official webpage.


  1. Excerpt from official webpage:
    施設最深部のサードエナジー炉を完全停止せよ。 研究所内に落ちている、様々な武器を上手く使い分け、襲い掛かる恐竜を狙い撃て!! キミは生き残れるか!?"
  1. Mobile Capcom webpage

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