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Further notes

The camera angles in the CG cutscenes were directed by a professional film director.[1]

The game is set on a starship because Capcom Production Studio 4 wanted something fresh that wasn't just a laboratory.[2]

It was made an Xbox-exclusive title when that console was judged to be better at rendering graphics than the PlayStation 2. Hiroyuki Kobayashi considered a PlayStation port of the game to be "impossible".[1][2]

Promotion and releaseEdit

The game was announced during the Xbox Conference in June 2002.[3] Its status as an Xbox-exclusive was re-affirmed in December.[4]

On April 17, 2003, Microsoft announced their intention to release a special edition Xbox console with a DVD playback kit included. The edition was dubbed the "Dino Crisis 3 Limited Box".[5][6] Later in the year, it was moved a week ahead in its release date to September 16.[7]

On April 28, Sonya Hart's playability was confirmed by Famitsu.[8] Soon after in the beginning of May, the game's official Japanese website was updated soon after to introduce the seventeen year old "Caren", as well as Sonya.[9]


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