Dino Crisis Wiki was founded by Forerunner in April 23, 2007. After a while, Zealot22 had requested a adminship from Forerunner, and Zealot22 was given Sysop rights in September 22, 2013. Though Zealot22 would edit during his time as the new admin of the wiki, eventually he stop logged in somewhere around December 30, 2013. To improve the wiki, Dark Avarice was given Rollbacks right by Forerunner in March 24, 2014.

In July 10, 2014, a new user Danskyl7 came to the wiki. After a couple of months of his contributions, Danskyl7 was given Sysop rights.


  • Recently, Forerunner had created a to do list which became a goals that the wiki trying to achieve.

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