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Development of Dino Crisis began in late 1996 following the positive reception of Resident Evil. Development was abruptly halted at the beginning of 1997 when supervisor Yoshiki Okamoto had the team transferred to the Resident Evil 2 project to take part in significant reworking. Following Okamoto's and Noboru Sugimura's decision to restart development around March 1997, the extra help was no longer needed and Dino Crisis resumed development. However, Shinji Mikami was busy producing Resident Evil 2 and retired as director for Dino Crisis, handing that role over to Shu Takumi. Takumi's directorship was brief and Mikami took over again once Resident Evil 2 was no longer an issue, citing causing confusion as the lead reason for fast replacement; he was made a Planner in charge of the first half of the game's plot instead.[1]


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