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Development of Dino Crisis began in late 1996. In the first few months of production the game went through significant changes, having originally been set in a jungle environment and the player fighting off snakes and gorillas, which Shinji Mikami is credited as replacing with dinosaurs.[1] Development was put on hold at the start of 1997 when Production Studio 4 needed more people to work on Resident Evil 2 so it could be completed ahead of a delayed May 1997 deadline. That game re-started development, instead, and staff returned to Dino Crisis.

Programming Edit

To properly render the graphics, Studio 4 created an entirely new engine which at the time of release was not expected to be used for any other games.[1] The engine allowed for the team to implement animations to make the skin move.[1]

AI development for the dinosaurs was handled by Miyuki Ohiro and Yuji Hagiyama. The two operated independently, with one working on the larger dinosaurs and the other on the small dinosaurs.[1] Studio 4 did not look into palaeontological research on each species' strengths and speed, and instead judged their stats based on their role in the game.[1]

Design Edit

The Tyrannosaurus model was created out of 500 polygons to make it look realistic.[1]

Story Edit

The game's backstory and script was entirely written in-house by the planning department, and lasted over a period of two months.[1] Shu Takumi was put in charge of writing the first half of the story; he for a short time been the game's director, but inexperience led to him being replaced with Shinji Mikami.[2] Kuniomi Matsushita and Hiroyuki Kobayashi served as co-writers.


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