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Data Control Room
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Items:File: "Giganotosaurus"

3rd Energy Disk

Allies:Dylan Morton
Map:Missile Silo
Links:Launch Site
Missile Silo/Inside

Data Control Room (データ管理室 Dēta kanri-shitsu?) is an area of the Missile Silo.


Many computers and hardware can be found inside. Toward the right part of the room, a shield shutter can be seen. During an emergency, the shield shutter will open. The elevator can be found in the next room and it leads to the Missile Silo/Inside.


Regina can find 3rd Energy Disk after operating the computer and a Dino File (Giganotosaurus). Upon exiting this room, she will encounter a Tyrannosaurus teasing to attack her until Giganotosaurus smashes the wall. The two predators battle, but the Giganotosaurus easily overpowers the T-Rex and kills it. Regina quickly return to this room, catching her breath when Dylan appears. The shield shutter opens and with the Missile Silo activated, Regina enters the Missile Silo/inside to shut it down.


Location Action Localization Original Script
At the shield shutter CHECK With the shield activated, you cannot go in.
Computer CHECK All the computer are covered in dust.
Computer (On) CHECK This one has power. Will you operate it? Yes/No
Computer (After getting the disk) CHECK There is no need to operate it anymore.


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