DINO CRISIS 2 Official Guide Book is a book released by Famitsu in 2000.


Character (pp.4-6) Edit

The section has biographies for Regina, Dylan, David and the mysterious teens. Other information also appears on the first two pages, such as describing the role of TRAT and the origin of its rivalry with S.O.R.T. Regina's biography also reveals her name to only be a pseudonym.

SUPPORT FILE (pp.7-26) Edit

DINO FILE (pp.27-52) Edit

COMBAT MANUAL (pp.87-120) Edit

SECRET FEATURE (pp.121-157) Edit

THE 20 SECRETS (pp.122-129)Edit

  1. Appearance of the "Extra Crisis" hidden game (しゲーム 『エクストラ・クライシス』 が出現する?)
  2. "Dino Duel" added to "Extra Crisis" (『エクストラ・クライシス』 に 『ディノ・デュエル』 が追加?)
  3. (隠しシール「VCS・プラチナカード」 で武器が弾数無制限に?)
  4. Secrets of the clear screen revealed (クリア画面の秘密をすべて明かします?)
  5. There are five trophy types displayed on the results screen (リザルト画面で表示されるトロフィーは5種数ある): They are the Tyrannosaurus; Allosaurus; Velociraptor; Oviraptor and Compsognathus trophies, representing ranks S; A; B; C and D, respectively.
  6. Play with the trophy result (リザルトのトロフィーをもてあそんでみる): The player can rotate the trophies on the results screen.
  7. Practice mode on "Dino Dual" (『ディノ・デュエル』 に練習モードが!)
  8. Match interruption by a group of Compsognathus (コンプソグナトゥスの集団の乱入で試合が中断)
  9. 援護射撃の2連射でアロサウルスを撃退せよ
  10. The meaning of the mysterious numbers on the map screen (マップ画面に表示されている謎の数字の正体は?)
  11. Moment of peace in the dangerous jungle (危険なジャングルにおけるひとときの平和)
  12. "DINO 2" waiting poses are much diverse (『DINO2』 における待機ポーズはこんなに多彩?)
  13. Zoom in on creatures that casually appear on-screen (何気なく画面内に登場する生物たちにズームイン?)


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