Cyclops, nicknamed so by Dylan Morton, is a Tyrannosaurus encountered in Dino Crisis 2, serving as a recurring antagonist throughout the game. It received its nickname due to having only one eye after David Falk destroyed its right eye with a RPG.


The Cyclops' appearance highly resembles the T-Rex from the previous game, however its most unique distinction is its missing right eye as the result of being fired upon with a RPG by David.

Dino Crisis 2Edit

It first appeared shortly after the Velociraptor attack on the T.R.A.T. base camp. Seeing intruders in it's territory, it sets its sights on Regina and Dylan, cornering them. Right as it was about to attack, David fired an RPG directly at it, striking the right side of the tyrannosaur's head, destroying its right eye. This seemed to anger more than harm it, and thus it continued chasing Regina and Dylan until they lost the dinosaur by jumping off a cliff.

Cyclops is later seen by Dylan passing through the background in Jungle/North Route ② and by Regina passing beneath the Suspension Bridge, but in neither case does it pose any threat.

Dylan encounters Cyclops again in the Military Facility's front area and was able to evade both it and a new unexpectedly encountered foe, the Helmet People. Dylan later encounters Cyclops again in Edward City and was able to use a nearby abandoned tank to his advantage in fending it off. Cyclops makes its last appearance at the Launch Site where it briefly walks toward Regina before an unexpected encounter with the bigger Giganotosaurus. The two dinosaurs duel with each other, but despite a valiant effort by Cyclops, the Giganotosaurus picks it up by the neck and throws it aside. As Cyclops lies wounded, the Giganotosaurus proceeds to most likely kill and consume the Tyrannosaurus.


The Cyclops has made numerous appearances in the game either directly or indirectly:

Extra CrisisEdit

Cyclops is playable in Extra Crisis and serves as the final boss in Dino Colosseum as well. If player 1 plays as Cyclops in Dino Colosseum, the CPU-controlled Cyclops will be maroon colored. In Dino Duel mode, player 2 doesn't play as Cyclops and instead ends up with a black Tyrannosaurus with both eyes intact.


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