Cyclops is the name given to a Tyrannosaurus that stalked TRAT and SORT agents Dylan Morton and Regina in the future world.


A large Tyrannosaurus, Cyclops' appearance is typical of Tyrannosaurs, appearing almost identical to one which stalked Regina on Ibis Island. Its most distinguishing feature was its right eye socket, which was damaged and the eye destroyed when it was struck by a rocket-propelled grenade.


Cyclops discovered the recently established T.R.A.T. camp following the massacre of its soldiers by a Velociraptor pack, which it may have heard. At it's arrival, the other animals fled into the forest, leaving Regina; Dylan and David alive. David fired an RPG at Cyclops, intending to kill it. Instead it's body remained largely intact save for it's destroyed eye. Ignoring David altogether, Cyclops chased Regina and Dylan to a cliff edge, which forced them to jump off. Having failed, Cyclops left the camp and traveled west through the forest to the abandoned military base, where it encountered Dylan again and failed to kill him. When Dylan did not leave the base, Cyclops left the area altogether, walking under Regina as she crossed the Suspension Bridge. Cyclops later met Regina at the missile silo, where it was ambushed by a Giganotosaurus and presumably killed after a fierce battle between the predators.


The Cyclops has made numerous appearances in the game either directly or indirectly:

Extra CrisisEdit

Cyclops is playable in Extra Crisis and serves as the final boss in Dino Colosseum as well. If player 1 plays as Cyclops in Dino Colosseum, the CPU-controlled Cyclops will be maroon colored. In Dino Duel mode, player 2 doesn't play as Cyclops and instead ends up with a black Tyrannosaurus with both eyes intact.