Cooling Water Circulation Chamber is an area of the Third Energy Facility.


The Water Circulation Chamber is the second largest place in the 3rd Enery Facility sub-level, other than the 3rd Energy Reactor.


The Aquagrenade can be used to knock down the pillars which will provide Regina enough to boost over it to reach the door. Med Pak S and Med Pak M can be found inside this area.

Next area leads to the Cooling Aqueduct, however the plug needs to be placed at the Water Cir. Sys. Control Rm to open the shutter in order to progress.


Location Localization Original Script
Cracked pillar A section of the column has cracked making it weak. With a weapon with a little fire power you'll probably be able to destroy it.
Message wall on the top platform of the pillar On the wall is a terminal which offers Extinct Point Service. The keyboard is gone. It could be that a swimming reptile destroyed it.



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