The Control Room 1F is an area of the Facility that is featured in Dino Crisis. It is the central security base for the first floor. The camera footage from both the 1F and B1 floors goes to this room and it serves as an entrance to the Communication Room on the second floor. This room is likely to have been the main security room of the base given that it was located behind several shutters and locked doors.

Control Room's Storyline UsageEdit

The Control Room serves as a base for the first few missions as your team meets there several times to discuss the next plan of operation. Rick uses the monitors to watch for any signs of Doctor Kirk and helps Regina with opening shutters. Later in the game, Regina uses the elevator opposite the entrance to get to the Communication Room.


It is a small base composed of control panel, monitor desks, and fuse box. There is an elevator with an ID card reader that leads to the Communication Room.


The elevator to the communication room will require the ID Card with "Communicator" access type to operate.

When returning to this room after restoring the power inside the Backup Generator Room B1, a small cutscene will played. After the interaction between Gail, Rick and Regina, player will have two option:


Location Localization Original Script
The fuse box It appears to be a fuse box.
Security panel (Left side)

It's a security control panel. The screen shows the ground area.

Security panel (Right side) It's a security control panel. Nothing is on the screen.
Checking on Rick (First cutscene) He seems to be occupied with his duties...
Checking on Rick (Second cutscene) He is repairing Gail's communicator.
Checking on Gail He is checking something in the monitor.
The Elevator (No ID Card) An ID Card is required to operate this elevator.
The Elevator (With the ID Card, "Researcher/Colonel" access type) It seems this elevator cannot be operated with this information on this ID Card.
Upon returning here (With the power restore) What will you do? Choose the idea you believe in.

Gail's idea: Search for clues to find Dr. Kirk.
Rick's idea: Rescue your comrade immediately.

The Elevator (With the ID Card, "Communicator" access type) You have used the ID Card.
Upon entering the elevator There is a button. Will you press it? Yes / No




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