The Control Room (管制室 Kansei-shitsu?) is an area of the Military base.


This is the control room of the Military Facility.


This room has the key plate system where you can exchange your current Key Plate for a different colored one. This room is locked by an electronic lock and can only be opened by using Regina's Stungun. The "Management of Keyplates" file can be found at the base commander's seat.

Once the original Key plate was taken from Dylan at the Hardware Storage, it's brought here to be place at the collection of Keyplates. Then, take the (Blue) key plate and use it to free Dylan. If player use the wrong key, nothing will happen in the Hardware Storage room.


Location Localization Original Script
File on the top platform It's a pile of reports and records. Most of it seems to be records of dinosaur caused damages. One of the reports mentions about an annihilation plan of the dinosaur in the vicinity. According to the report, the plan ended in a disaster.
Terminal on the top platform The head of this room probably sat in this seat. Many terminals are set here. Probably used for receiving reports from the other facilities.
Big screen The statue of the Security System of the facility is shown on a big screen. Most of the lines have been cut. It doesn't seem to be functioning normally.
Super computer It's a super computer which controls all the security programs.
Key plates system It's a system which manages all the key plates. Only one key plate can be removed at a time from this system. 
Key plates system after the key plate is insert


It's a system which manages all the key plates. All the keys are in place. Will you push the button of the system? Yes/No

What color button will you press?

Red Yel Grn Bl White Pur



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