Compsognathus is a dino file that can be found in Dino Crisis 2.


The Dino File for Compsognathus is found at the Research Lounge of the Research Facility.



Pretty Jaws


1.2 meters


0.5 meters

Commonly known as Compy. Their diet consists of mainly insects. They are tiny dinosaurs. They are typically no threat to humans. They move in packs and their social life revolves around their pack.

It's when they started nesting in our research facility, is when they became a nuisance.

Their eyes appears to be similar to that of birds.

We speculate that when they detect small shiny metallic things, it is their behavior to take it back to their nest. This behavior has frequently caused problems inside our facility.

Combat Notes
No real notes has been taken since they do not directly inflict harm to humans. However, we are thinking of ways to stop them from stealing small belongings from the soldiers.


意味: "愛らしい顎"

体長: 1. 2m

体高: 0. 5m


主に昆虫を捕食する、 小型の恐竜。
群れで移動しながら各地に常巣地を作り、 そこを中心に行動する。


こちらに直接的 な危害を加えないため、戦闘データは蓄積されていない。


Meaning: "Lovely jaws"

Body length: 1.2m

Body height: 0.5m

"Observation Record"

Commonly known as a "Compy".
A small dinosaur, it mainly prey on insects.
Basically, it does not seem to harm humans.
Always makes the ground around them their nest while moving in herds, around which they act.

They began to affect our lives when they made the ground within the research facility their nest.
The structure of their eyes is close to that of birds; looking at shiny metallic accessories, they would take them home to their nests.

"Combat Record"
Because it does not directly cause harm, combat data has not been accumilated.
However, because the soldiers' small items were being stolen each second, we are exploring into capture methods.


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