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Comnd St./Outer Perimiter
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Items:Triceratops Dino File
Enemies:Triceratops (Minigame)
Map:Edward City, Military section
Links:Comnd St./Inner Compound

City/Living Quarters①

Comnd St./Outer Perimeter is an area of the city outskirts.


Multiple of dead human and a dinosaur corpses can be seen throughout the perimeter.


After both Regina and Dylan made it safely through the Allosaurus compound, a Triceratops appears in between the buildings and starts chasing the two. Dylan and Regina manage to jump onto a jeep to escape the area. While in the Minigame mode, player assumes Dylan's role to shoot the Triceratops before it can destroy the jeep.


Location Action Localization Original Script
Dead dinosaur CHECK There is a foul stench in the area. They must have battled it all out here.
Dead human corpse CHECK His wind pipe has been ripped out. They appear to have been killed not as food but as enemy.
Dead dinosaur up front CHECK There is still smell of smoke in the air. Not much time has passed since they were killed.
Dead corpse up front CHECK He is dead, soaked in his own blood.
Upon starting of the minigame CHECK Suppress the Triceratops' attack using the rifle.



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