The Comnd St./Inner Compound is an area in the city outskirts. It is notable for being the setting of an Allosaurus-themed sidegame.


This is the inner compound of the Command St. The area is filled with containers, broken walls and three turret guns. Few heavy vehicles also can be seen here, though they can't be used.


A save terminal can be found in front after entering this area. Regina and Dylan Morton meet here only to discover that this is an Allosaurus nest. The duo must work together to get through this path alive. One must use the turret to fire, while the other must use the flare to fire in that direction. To fire the signal bullet, use the same trigger on your controller as the sub weapon because the signal bullet automatically replaces your previous sub weapon. Four usable turrets are used by both Regina and Dylan, they both switch as soon as the other makes it through each turret. While the signal bullets have an unlimited supply, this room can be used to get more bonus points.


Location Localization Original Script
Assuming Regina's role Get through this area with the help of your partner covering you. By using the signal bullet armed as you sub-weapon, you'll be able to receive cover from your partner.




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