The communication room is an area of the facility 2F that is featured in Dino Crisis. The room was located inside the Ibis Island research facility on the second floor.


Serving as the central communications hub for the research facility, access to the communication room is gained through an elevator in the control room 1F limited to communications staff, and a secondary entrance from the balcony area of Facility 2F. The room's primary purpose is to store the radio equipment used for communication with the outside world and the records needed for this use. A secondary purpose is to store the antenna activation key needed to operate the terminals in the Comm Antenna Room.


The room was used during S.O.R.T's 2009 mission to the facility by Regina to contact the team's escape helicopter. Having just captured Edward Kirk and completed their main objective, she reported that the entire island was a bloodbath and requested evacuation at the heliport.


A red emergency box on the wall can be use to store ammunition, it will require a plug to open. The slag bullets can be found near the communication terminal. There is also small box in which the Antenna key is stored inside.

Before leaving this room, player can decide whether to save up their progress.


Location Localization Original Script
Red Emergency Box You can store the ammo in this Emergency Box. You need a plug to open this Emergency Box.

(No plug) You do not have enough plugs.

(With plug) Will you use the plug? Yes / No

Slag Bullets Will you take the Slag Bullets? Yes / No
The terminal The electric field is unstable. Perhaps the antenna is the source of the problem.
Note on the terminal A list of frequencies pertaining to communications signal destinations.
Rows of file This file contains communication records.
The box The box is printed with the following message:

"Antenna Activation Key for emergency use only."

Memo on the table It is a memo of a recorder.

"The antenna will be stored temporarily at 9.00 PM tonight due to the experiment."

Door to the Passageway to the Communication Area The door has been unlocked.
Before leaving the room Will you save up your progress up to this point? Yes / No
Elevator to the control room 1f You have used the ID Card.
Entering the elevator There is a button. Will you press it? Yes / No


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