City Front/Haul Road is an area in the outskirts of Edward City.


Upon entry, a dead Triceratops can be seen lying on the right side of the Haul Road. The road up ahead was cut off by a truck, though heading to the right side will lead the player to the Lakeside①.


Velociraptor are present in this area and they will jump out from any corner of the map. By buying Anti-Tank Rifle, which will become available from Edward City, killing the Velociraptors will be an easy task. Though the Anti-Tank Rifle is firing at a slow rate despite being powerful, so make sure to get ready to avoid sudden attack by moving forward.

The area to the right leads to the Lakeside, though the gate been overgrown with ivy. Dylan can cut through easily by using his machete.


Location Action Localization Original Script
Dead dinosaur corpse on the left side. CHECK A large herbivorous reptile, a Triceratops has crashed into wall and died. It seems that someone has shot it with a poison bullet, causing its nervous system to break down.
Steel Tower CHECK A steel tower for the electrical lines has fallen to the ground. Could the Triceratops have done this?
Materials at the front CHECK Materials for repairs are stacked. It looks like it's been untouched. Maybe they thought repairing it was meaningless.
Hose connected to a truck CHECK The hose of the fuel truck is connected to the generator underneath all the rubble.
Dead human corpse CHECK There is a large bite mark. It could be the bite mark of a dinosaur we've never seen yet.
Truck that is blocking road CHECK On the truck are many empty gas cylinders. The cylinders are marked with poison marks.
Gate toward the Lakeside CHECK The ivy is wrapped around the door. You may be able to cut it with Dylan's machete.


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