The City Front/Dock is an area in the city outskirts that is featured in Dino Crisis 2.


The City Front/Dock can either be accessed through the 3rd Energy Sub-level or dock. From the dock, a small crane can be seen, boat with maintenance tools are also available.


Regina regroups with Dylan Morton here before proceeding toward the Edward City. A radio call from David Falk can also be heard here. After Regina went into Edward City using the City Keycard, Dylan will eventually follow.


Location Action Localization Original Script
The sign CHECK "Carry-In Entrance of Edward City"
Boat under repairs CHECK It must have been in repairs. The inside of the engine is exposed.
Large machine CHECK It's a large machine used to raise and repair the jet bikes. The mechanical parts have corroded away and there are insects on them.
Small crane CHECK It's a small crane for lifting and moving heavy items. Many tiny insect like organisms are on the weathered surface of the machine.
Control panel for the crane CHECK It's a control panel for a small crane. The operation instruction are written on the panel above. But the power unit is burned and it's impossible to operate.


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